Bass Fishing Tips

Fishing the Carolina Rig Carolina Rig Made Simple

The Carolina Rig is probably one of the most well known rigs used in catching bass both by professionals and amateurs alike.  However, many amateurs find it to be too complicated to use on their recreational fishing excursions, and so they tend to go with more simple lures.  However, it is not that complicated (check this article out at Wikihow).  [...]

Bass Fishing Bass Pro Tips

Art by Ed Luterio So what does it take to be known as a “Bass Pro?”  The criteria or resume for such a prestigious angler is held by only the best fisherman of bass in the world. I suppose anyone who is an avid bass fisherman and think they are pretty good at it can call themselves a bass pro.  [...]

lake-9073 The Ultimate Secrets To Bass Fishing

Bass fishing has proven to be one of the most rewarding pastimes that any angling enthusiast can partake in. All fishermen enjoy the excitement and passion that is involved in trying to entice bass into biting your bait, and even more appealing is that bass fishing is also a very affordable hobby to enjoy.  Catching a lot of lunkers comes [...]

bass fishing tips Big Largemouth Bass

Introduction Want to learn great fishing tips to catch big largemouth bass?  A largemouth bass is one of the most popular fish to catch in the United States.  They are found in all 50 states and in other foreign countries.  The amount of material that would need to be written to cover every detail and aspect about bass fishing would be infinite.  However, [...]

Freshwater Fishing Tips

crappie fishing Crappie

If you want to learn how to catch crappie and get some good crappie fishing tips, then hopefully this article will do just that. Crappies are one of our most regularly gotten panfish and they [...]

CATFISH Channel Catfish in a Lake, Pond, or River

Ready to learn how to catch channel United States is the sleek and tasty channel catfish.  Channel catfish are available in nearly all of our catfish using the best bait with great tips and techniques. [...]

Catching bluegill Bluegill or Bream a.k.a. Brim

For beginners there could be no better fish to learn how to catch than the bluegill, also know as bream, a.k.a. Brim.  Some of the best bluegill fishing tips and tricks will be discussed for [...]

catching trout Rainbow Trout

Want to catch a rainbow trout?  Here I will give you some basic information about trout, valuable information on how to catch rainbow trout including fishing gear, methods, and techniques, and then some great tips that [...]

walleye Walleye

Art by Ed Luterio This guide is dedicated to learning how to catch walleye with bait and lures including some of the best walleye fishing tips and techniques. Walleye (Sander vitreus, formerly Stizostedion vitreum) is [...]

carp Carp

Popularity for Catching  Carp If you are looking for some good tips and techniques on how to catch carp then this post is for you.  Carp are some of the sportiest fish to catch.  So, it [...]

Saltwater Fishing Tips

Jack Crevalle Jack Crevalle

The jack crevalle is not a highly targeted sport fish primarily because they are not highly valued as food, though they are edible.  Most [...]

mahi Mahi Mahi or Dorado a.k.a Dolphin Fish

Art by Ed Luterio Mahi mahi are in all probability the utmost colorful fish located when trolling the open seas. Scientifically named Coryphaena hippurus, [...]

saltwater fishing tips Tips for Saltwater Fishing

This post is prepared to provide many of those important saltwater fishing tips on how to catch saltwater fish.  They are all not required, [...]