Bass fishing has proven to be one of the most rewarding pastimes that any angling enthusiast can partake in. All fishermen enjoy the excitement and passion that is involved in trying to entice bass into biting your bait, and even more appealing is that bass fishing is also a very affordable hobby to enjoy. 

Catching a lot of lunkers comes down to technique and knowledge. Here are the top secrets to bass fishing to help you get on track and improve your bass fishing techniques and create more memorable fishing stories.  

#1. Choose The Right Fishing Accessories

When fishing for bass it is essential to use the right fishing and boating accessories. It is always good to examine the line right above the lure you are using. It is common for it to get frayed due to in coming in close contact with rocks, branches and stumps. You do not want to lose your bass due to your line breaking. Remember the size of the lure does not dictate the size of the bass you will catch. For instance, a largemouth bass will strike prey that is 25-50% of its length. Live bait also works, anglers should attempt live bait when lures are no longer producing. Shiners have a high success rate. Use a slip bobber to adjust the depth of your bait without you having to sacrifice your casting ability. 

#2. Patience Is A Virtue

Generally nighttime bass fishing is known to bring us the best results, but you must also remember that success does not come overnight. The key to becoming a great bass angler is to practice and learn that it really does pay off to be patient. You need to remember that the fish you are looking to catch are much smarter than other fish. You simply never know what they may be looking for, what mood they are in or even where they are hiding. Some days they may choose to strike anything you throw into the water, while other days it may seem as though there are no bass in the water at all. If you remain patient, keep your line in the water and keep your lines tight, success will come your way in due time. 

#3. Pitching And Flipping

When bass fish are hiding your best option is to go into stealth mode to try and catch them. The best methods in shallow water without scaring the fish too much are pitching and flipping. The key to successful pitching and flipping is a long rod and the right soft bait. Pitching is the easier of the two, but not as precise as flipping.  

#4. Your Surroundings

As mentioned previously, bass are very smart and are very aware of what is going on around them. They tend to notice is something is out of place or unusual and they will scare away in no time so it is crucial to pay attention and be aware of everything that surrounds you. When choosing the best spot to bass fish you should analyse the natural food sources that are available to them and seek out areas where your bait would be inconspicuous. Practice your stealth and always be as quiet as possible, stick to the natural food sources and the bass with practically swarm to you.  

#5. Learn Your Location

Besides being aware of what is going on around you, it is crucial to learn as much as you can about the location you are attempting to fish. Trying to locate bass is often the trickiest part of catching them. If you take the time to know the lake or river you are fishing in then you will be much better equipped at finding them. Bass usually congregate around natural and manmade structures such as banks, rocks and grassy areas. Take the time to seek out these spots and familiarise yourself with them.  

#6. Timing Is Key

The time that you choose to go bass fishing is crucial to your success. Bass fish are reluctant to be aggressive during the day and they tend to stay out of the light as much as possible. Timing your fishing trip in the early morning or late evening can drastically improve your fishing results. Another great time to attempt bass fishing is on those overcast, cooler days or when there is light rain dropping across the waters. 

#7. Fish During Pre-Spawn

The ultimate time for bass fishing is during the largemouth pre-spawn season. This season starts in spring, when the water temperature gets between 10 to 20ºC. Both male and female bass will move to the shallow areas, start aggressively feeding and looking for the best place to nest. You will even be able to locate the bass from the shore. This is undoubtedly the best time to catch your trophy bass. If you catch a female bass remember to catch and release so they can complete their spawn and continue the cycle life of the bass. 

#8. Take Advantage Of The Current

Currents of any body of water are often your very best device when bass fishing. No body of water is completely still, and once you find a current you will realise how much this can benefit you. Bass enjoy the currents because of its cooler temperatures that can be found within them and also due to the fact that baitfish are always around those areas. You will usually know when you have found a current as bass will be on the surface of the water. If you start fishing you can generally trick the bass into thinking you are a natural food source. 

With bass fishing, the more you fish, the more you are going to learn. Success comes to those that are willing to put in the effort, so get out there and make sure it happens.


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As the former President of the Boating Industry Association, Rod’s passion for boating and fishing is utilised in his current role as Managing Director of CH Smith. Offering his masterful expertise, Rod ensures that customers leave with a love for the sea that parallels his own. 

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