The fishing gear section at a fishing superstore is definitely not a place for the uninitiated. The enormous selection of  fishing equipment can be downright overwhelming. You will find fishing gear of each and every imaginable style, size and coloring, and each of them guarantees to catch more and bigger fish.

To contribute to the confusion,you will discover fishing gear manufactured for each and every potential variation in water temp, condition and time of year — cool water, warmer summertime water, dark water and clear water, during the spawn, etc.

Instead of cramming a thousand completely different fishing tackle into their tackle boxes, nearly all professional  fishermen winnow down their choices to just a few of the best that consistently perform and catch the big fish.

Even though professional anglers are inclined to safeguard their fishing gear preference strategies as close as they do their best fishing spots, I have reeled in this list of essential fishing gear that is the best of the best-Top Of The List-for consistently performing in catching big fish year round across a wide range of fishing conditions. Want to cut out all the confusion and just put in your tackle box the best of what the fishing world has to offer, then read on!

Best Fishing Lures

There are literally thousands of lures on the market.  But in most situations these are the only lures you will need stored in your tackle box.  These are the "essential lures" based upon their ability to catch fish over and over again, their versatility, and from professional angler's opinions. Click to get the Ultimate Collection of Fishing Lures you must have to get consistent catches for big fish like the pros.

Fishing Reel To Gain Competitive Edge

Just like with all other fishing gear on the market, there are enormous amounts of styles, models, sizes, manufactures, and on-and-on-and on.  You get the picture. And of course they all make some kind of promise like how smooth they cast or how their reel is made superior quality.  Again, it becomes almost impossible to try to choose the best fishing reel based upon all different kinds of fishing situations.  It becomes a daunting task whether you are an average fisherman or even a professional angler.  If you want to take all the complexity out of this decision making process click to check out The Best Fishing Reel and only reel  you will ever need.  Reasonably priced with the technological advantages to catch you more and bigger fish while putting you ahead of your competition.