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The Deeper portable fish finder is one of the neatest devices to top the fishing scene. For example, Humminbird makes some very awesome portable fish finders such as the Fishin’ Buddy, and NorCross produces their very flexible fishfinder, but  Deeper brings the portability factor to a brand new level without losing quality.

The Deeper Smart Fishfinder is a round shaped plastic sphere that links directly via bluetooth to your smartphone. However it requires that you have either Android or iOS to be able to get the Deeper companion app and transform your own smart phone or tablet into an all featured portable fish finder.

Deeper performs in depths from 1 ½  ft down to 40 ft.  That might not sound like a lot, but this is enough for probably 99% of the fishing trips you go on.  Another great feature is it that it can perform in either salt or fresh water and has a dual frequency to help you change between the two to obtain the best reading,

To be able to use it, just easily tie it to your fishing line and cast  into spots and locations that you like and prefer.  What this does is let you get into spots that an ordinary fish finder wouldn’t – near the docks or close to the shoreline.  All you need is the fish finder and your smart phone that easily carried in your pocket and for those fishing excursions when you are renting the boat, you are set.

And having cell reception is not required, you just need to turn on Bluetooth and that’s it.

The companion app transforms your own phone into a world class fishfinder. The best all-around features that it has are :  integrated digital camera, on time weather reports, integrated map function, custom-built fishing log, as well as a lunar fishing calendar.   Another great functionality of it is that you can use it for ice fishing which can save you money from not having to buy an expensive flasher.

Probably one of the most significant advantages of the Deeper fishfinder is the fact that you can use a larger screen with it should you link it to your own iPad, you can have a fish finder with a awesome sized 10 inch display screen, which will otherwise cost you at least $1,800.00.  The depth and range may not be as much as you might prefer, and most likely not suited to commercial fishing applications, for the weekend fisherman, this fish finder is a very strong option. Click image below to find out more details, reviews, and best prices.

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