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The Lowrance Elite-3X Fishfinder posses the following features:

• Suitability for nighttime as well as daytime fishing. You can manipulate the backlight with the power button based on the light you’re experiencing that day of the week.
• Dual frequencies. With this current version, you can utilize the 83 or 200 kHz frequencies to know what’s under as well as around your boat. This helps you obtain a better picture of what’s occurring whilst you’re fishing.
o 200 kHz selection allows you to observe what’s around the area where you are located.  It will cover a 20° cone angle that allows it to differentiate the fish from the bait you’re using.
o 83 kHz option provides a 60° cone coverage. This can help you look for fish in large locations and even discover schools of fish.
• This version also has significantly less glare because the LED has a high resolution (320 x 240) that you can see no matter what harsh daylight.
• If preferred, you can change between the 83 kHz and also 200 kHz views by using the pages key.
• You can also zoom on locations you’d prefer to fish in with quick keys. The zoom will show as much as four times the regular scale of the image.
• The bracket included enables you to swiftly adjust the angle where you like to view the screen, or remove it from the boat for easy storage when you’re done fishing.


 Because of its 3.5” display dimensions, this tool is suitable for use in smaller spaces or boats, where conserving space is practical. If perhaps you’re a novice fisherman, the Lowrance-Elite 3x comes with Fish ID capability that shows fish icons wherever fish can be found. Whilst it can easily detect fish at high rates of speed, we recommend maintaining your boat at no more than about 40mph, because any faster and it makes it inaccurate.  The average cost for this fish finder was $99, which is an excellent price for the industry. It comes with a one year warranty. All of these attributes make the Lowrance-Elite 3x an ideal fish finder for the beginner angler or small boats and kayaks.  It also goes easier on your wallet.

Other uses

This design enables you to input the water’s depth, temperature as well as voltage information. In addition there are alarm settings that you can program to notify you in the event that the depth, voltage or even shallow water levels have fallen below, or even exceeded your fishing goals/thresholds. Additionally you can use the device’s simulator to get accustomed to the sonar sounds before you actually take the product into the water. The Lowrance 3X possesses eleven backlight levels to choose from, depending on your own light conditions for the day.

The kit includes the fish finder, cable, and also quick release bracket. It’s additionally powered with a 12 V battery. You can use the automatic or manual functions to manage the sonar images. It is possible to choose the water range you would like to observe on the screen in the “Range” portion of the menu. The fish finder also includes noise rejection, that enables your system to deny noises from any other sonar equipment, your engine, water pumps, and other equipment that could lead to erroneous readings on your equipment.  Click image below for best prices and customer reviews:

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