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There is something artistic about the unique technique of fly fishing. Fly fishing has changed from being a quaint hobby to a very popular sport among fishermen.  Fly fishing was first created to fish for salmon and/or trout.  Throughout time it has evolved into one of the great past times for people looking to take a break from their daily grinds of life and slip off in the world of solemn recreational solitude.

Fly fishing varies greatly from the traditional fishing technique in that it uses an artificial fly as bait. Fur, feather, or thread is used to tie the fly to the hook in order to create the illusion of realistic food that attracts the fish to the hook. The making of these artificial flies has become its own art in itself and there are many instructions and many do-it-yourself fishermen that enjoy making their own artificial bait for fly fishing.

Fly fishing has 2 forms:

1. Dry fly fishing; well known as the classic form where the bait is cast upstream to catch salmon or trout.  This type is so popular because it causes a lot of adrenaline for the angler when the fish are jumping upstream to get the bait.  It is a  unique fishing experience that causes a great fishing exhilaration and that is why so many people have become to love the sport of fly fishing.  

2. Wet fly fishing is the other form of fly fishing.

Fly fishing is known to be one of the hardest forms of the angling sport and requires a lot of training and skill from the angler.  As fly-fishing technique mandates agility and precision, the right selection of fly fishing rods becomes critical. There are many variations of fly fishing rods around the world and one should always choose an appropriate fly fishing rod after reviewing certain factors such as how heavy it is, its lenght,and where do you intend to be fishing.

A good starting rod for beginners is a bamboo rod which is lightweight and flexible; attributes that have gained it great popularity even amongst the most mature fly fishing fishermen.   Bamboo fly fishing rods were the initial fly fishing rods and their great attributes makes them an asset to all fly fishers who prefer a much more refined form of fly fishing. A negative side of the  bamboo fly fishing rod is its delicacy and producing them requires great skill and can be quite expensive.

Great alternatives are graphite and fiberglass fly fishing rods.  Graphite rods have a lot more additional strength, and durability, but tend to be not as flexible.  Irregardless, fiberglass fishing rods have steadily grown in popularity over the past few years and are now the most common fly fishing rods amongst the fly fishing community. They are strong, flexible, and durable.  Meeting all three characteristics needed for a great fly fishing rod.  On the bas side is that they are a bit heavier than bamboo and graphite and requires the angler to be more skilled and stronger to use them.

The fun of fly fishing is best enjoyed with friends and family. It can be the best way to turn a boring afternoon into a memorable occasion spent in nature with the ones who matter.  Give the art and fun of fly fishing a try.  It can be challenging, but the passion it brings to the sport of angling is immense.

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